American Idol - Toddler Edition

Both Allie and Avery are talented kids (who doesn't think their kid's talented, even if they are step-kids? Nothing says I can't still live vicariously through them too). Avery is the actor while Allie has the musical inclinations. On the trip Allie sung her brains out and actually didn't instigate a migraine. She can hear a song a couple times and have the lyrics mastered, which is sometimes impressive, sometimes annoying and sometimes embarrassing, especially if R Kelly is playing somewhere. For Christmas Allie swore she would die without an iPod or cell phone to which we told her to prepare a will and pick out a nice dress. She did get a little MP3 player, but singing career or no singing career we're not ready to start providing the tools of the trade associated with being a teen or even pre-teen just yet.

Anyway, Ashley was going through some old files and came across this little gem of the girls at ages 2 and 3 with Allie doing her rendition of Kelly Clarkson's Since You've Been Gone. About the 1:33 mark it starts to pick up. Avery jumps in with some backup vocals too. Note Allie's use of the bed as her stage to put some Kelly Clarkson enegry into the performance. Like I said, pure talent.

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