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It's been a full week since the search for Clark Kent started, and even with a handful of clues Clark is nowhere to be found. The citizens of Blogopolis have started getting a little worried in their vigil. MaryAnne, the classy voice of The Stiletto Mom has even started posting fliers on bulletin boards, light poles, and any where she make a few inches of tape or a stapler to work. She even gone so far as to post a few videos in the hopes he might turn up.

Oh Superman Where Are You Now?

I'll admit it, I've been thinking about Clark Kent a lot lately. He is one of my very favorite friends. AND HE IS MISSING. Plus? I've gotten into a couple of bloggy messes in the past few weeks. Normally, he swoops in to save me...lately? NO SUPER HERO ACTION. And I don't know what to do. He helped me get my blog off the ground. Now that I don't know where he is? My hard, cold haute couture heart is broken...

All I know is he disappeared right after the election and hasn't been heard from since. Has he been deployed as some secret weapon to fend off enemy attacks and end wars? Will he fly in and end the recession with a swoop of his red cape? Will he find a way to provide equality for all? More importantly, will he find a way to save us from the evil puppets in this Genesis video?

Great video, but that can't be him. I've never met Clark Kent in person but I sure as hell hope he looks better in tights than old Ronnie did. If not, I'm shallow enough to admit I'm OUTTA HERE. I don't need that visual in my life but I'm glad I could share it with all of you.

So where is he? Is he lying on a beach somewhere basking in the big Obama win? Building Bamalot sand castles? Or has he and Lois finally come to terms and admitted to the world they are in love and run away somewhere together? Wait, they already did that.

I've resorted to searching for him online. I consulted the forums. You? SHOULD NOT. There are some scary ass people out there. I totally made a typo and asked a question using Superman's birth identity. I asked some of the hyper bloggers about where Kal El might be in an effort to up my cool factor on the whole Superman thing...only I accidentally typed Kal Eel. Crap. Yeah that didn't go over so well. One well informed blogger immediately sent a message back in all caps, "SUPERMAN IS NOT A SQUID. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!" Dude, sorry, I was drinking when I wrote that. Sheesh. 

All I can tell you is I've been listening to Five for Fighting WAY TOO MUCH. Also? I've taken to singing it really loud in a woeful manner which isn't helping my case for marital harmony at all as The Man is now clutching his ears while rocking back in forth in a corner, begging for earplugs and shouting for a little Super Hero help himself to make the horrific noise stop. I like to call it singing. He? Likes to call it his PERSONAL KRYPTONITE. Come on now, sing along with me...

I'm not normally like this as most of you know. Clark Kent? It's time to COME BACK NOW from wherever you are. If not to bask in the glow of your following....just to SAVE ME FROM MYSELF one more time.

A concerned plea from a concerned citizen via our old friend Phil Collins. Oh how that takes us back to the days of Reaganomics. Luckily after all her work, The Stiletto Mom has turned up Clue # 6, a pile of Jimmy Choo's and Kenneth Cole shoes. A puzzling development, but after the first five clues, some readers have been able to piece things together and are on the right track. Everyone, however, is still in the hunt for the Reward Offer recently posted. 

Many thanks to DC Urban Dad for his advice from last week.

Tomorrow: Words from the Wise

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