Oh (Thanks) Canada!

If you read my recent post, thanking the nation of Canada for their great concern over my, uh, little problem with ED, and the flood of emails they send jamming my inbox with their numerous treatments and medications that would allow me to stand tall once again. My appreciation was so sincere, I didn't have the heart to tell them I don't actually have a problem with dysfunction in any way shape or form. And if you remember, despite their attempts to be helpful, I warned them that their advertising efforts were not just becoming sleazy, but down right freaking scary. I mean come on! A surgeon with a butcher knife? Really?

To my great surprise, Canada actually does read the Lunchbox, and they have taken heed. I told everyone that I was glad there was at least one country out there concerned about me, and I wasn't exaggerating.  Don't believe me? Well then, just look at this revised ad they sent me not three days after my original post.

1950 ED Problem

Is this classy, or what? I mean, the clean-cut standards of the 1950's is definitely a much better approach, and one even the most conservative of audiences could relate to. It's wholesome, chaste - almost virginal even - and all without sacrificing the quality. Just take a closer look.

1950 ED Cut Out

Thank you, Canada for listening to little ol' me (I don't mean that little part). You've actually got me a little choked up.

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