Netflix: Till Death Do Us Part

I'm quite certain Netflix is the best/worst thing to happen to Ashley and me - metaphorically that is. I say "best" because now we can watch all the movies we've missed at the theatre, and "worst" because now we spend the whole day watching all the movies we've missed at the theater. I credit Ashley as the genius behind this investment. For roughly $8 we can watch as many flicks as we can view and return in a month's time, which is a heck of deal given the fact it can cost $25 for the two of us to watch just one movie at a cinema. She's so hip.

So far the process is fast and reliable. This translates into movies all the time leading to the fact we are practically wallowing in our own fecal matter given that such tasks like cleaning and laundry have fallen by the way side. Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but it probably was a godsend we had company to entertain this past weekend or the cockroaches would have made good on their threats to complain to the apartment office about enduring the squalor.

Last night we watch Dan in Real Life. Thank goodness it was funny. Ashley seriously needed a laugh after the day she was having.

First she had new phone training at work, which wouldn't have been too bad except for the fact she had to endure the endless complaints and trivial questions of a co-worker, who, based on Ashley's description, is the type of person that makes me a firm believer in natural selection. After slinging boxes around, because their office is in the process of moving to a new floor, Ashley left work only to sit in rush-hour traffic with me on our way to retrieve the minivan from the service center where it was being repaired. She looked beat, but worse was the fact, she had to pick up Allie and Avery from her sisters, and then drive back home. Round trip, that's 65 miles give or take. I made dinner, but it was little consolation for Ash and the girls when they walked through the door at 7:30.

Thankfully the girls went to bed easily, marking the end of the day and time for a movie. Had Dan in Real Life been a flop, I'm quite sure Ashley would have used the dvd to slit my neck from ear to ear. Once the opening credits started to role, I got a little nervous, grabbing my neck as I saw Dane Cook's name on the screen. We are not particularly fans of the comedian, but he was bearable playing next to the talent of Steve Carell in his role as the of movie's main character, Dan Burns.

Dan is a widower doing his best to raise 3 daughters on his own while working as an advice column writer. Their relationship is loving, but there is friction as Dan tries to ignore his obvious loneliness by over-parenting his girls who are growing up despite his efforts to contain them. Things change when Dan meets an intriguing women (Juiliette Binoche) during a weekend vacation with his girls and extended family, and hilarity ensures as Dan attempts to navigate the complications associated with this new love interest and her connection to his family. In short, the movie was both funny and at times, sad as Carell made you feel sorry for his character's plight.

I was so convinced, it made me think for a second about life without Ashley. I'm not sure how I would even function trying to raise two girls by myself. They are already larger than life personality-wise and not even teenagers yet. Even with Ashley, I shudder to think of some of the circumstances yet to come.

"Please don't die on me," I said turning to Ashley. "You cannot die."

"Why?" she asked.

"Because there is no way I'll find anybody like you, and besides, I don't want to screw up the girls."

She smiled and assured me that wouldn't happen.

Good, I thought. I couldn't imagine a world without Netflix and Ashley.

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