Masterpiece Theater: "Prose and Cons"

I miss the classic days of SNL. I'm actually old enough to be able to make that statement, but sometimes I forget there's a six-year spread between Ash and me, so when I say stuff like that she gets this look and will make some comment referencing my near geriatric state of mind.

"I'll make sure to get some Metamucil when I'm at the store," she'll say, or, "I was checking out a few rest homes online today and wanted to know what's more important to you, allot of social programing or extra cable channels?"

I don't get too upset about it because I've been fortune enough to actually remember such classic skits as Prose and Cons featuring the funny Eddie Murphy (as opposed to the mildly amusing Eddie Murphy of today) playing the "poet" Tyrone Green. Maybe if my writing starts to slump then I'll launder some money for the mob or smoke a few cigarettes in a public building so I can get it jump started again at the Big House.

By the way, the sound is a little jacked up so you may want to adjust your speakers... and send the kids off to get a cookie or a protein shake or something.

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