Given that the Democratic National Convention was this week, the majority of the stuff I read on blogs or saw on Twitter naturally dealt with people's personal perspectives on the upcoming election. A great deal were insightful. Some were funny, while others were proof of that old axiom stating, "It's better to say nothing and let people think you a fool, than to blog about it and remove all doubt."

Personally, there's not much I am permitted to say about the elections. Why? Because I don't vote. To some, that fact may make me as reprehensible as a flag burner or possibly a necrophiliac, but before you judge me, know this. In not voting, I recognize the fact I have conceded my voice on the matter. I think the current president is likely the most disappointing since Nixon or Carter, but I don't run around with "Bush Sucks" (he does, you know) scrawled on my minivan, given that I failed to participate in either election where he won. Like they say, "If you don't like something, change it." I didn't, so no witty bumper stickers for me.

One reason I don't vote is that I've become very cynical about politics and our federal government. It's just posturing with no sincere concern for the little people, unless, of course you're a midget lobbyist with billions of dollars behind your cause. Besides, the way I see it, God already knows who's going to win, and so my one little vote isn't going to change his mind. I think it insulting on my part to thumb my nose at the Almighty and centuries of predestination, by trying to make a difference. Maybe there's a reward in heaven for people like me who persevere in practicing their apathy. I really really really want that reward, but then again, whatever. I guess the only subject I am probably more cynical about other than politics is organized religion, so combining the two just makes me want to take a nap.

Do I have educated opinions about John McCain and Barack Obama? Absolutely, but I'm not going to share them here because I don't plan on voting. I'm too busy trying to find a service station with gas under $3.50 a gallon, so I can drive around to find a job that will allow me to pay my $420 electric bill. Once I figure that out, then maybe I'll have the time to sit down and learn where each candidate stands on the issues affecting me. Until then, I'll just keep my mouth shut and post links to other peoples' thoughts on the matter who actually intend to vote. Reading them almost made me want to go register.

Neil Kramer at Citizen of the Month writes very poignantly as to how bloggers can influence independent voters who are undecided. Although he's advocating Obama, his arguments are less than arbitrary and I respect that.

Blue Like Jazz author, Donald Miller, who delivered the benediction at the DNC, shared on his blog, the recent email exchanges he had with Obama this week.

Rude Cactus and Daddy's Toolbox have both decided to get involved in the election, but each in their own special way. One is going to be President of Bitterland while the other is looking for a running mate in his bid as an independent.

Shifting to the economy, Discovering Dad posted a great piece asking How Have Economic Pressures Affected Your Home while providing some very practical solutions in making adjustments to your personal finances.

Do your children have food allergies? One of my boys and one of my stepdaughters have severe reactions to peanuts so being cautious at the grocery store or in a restaurant is critical. It can be very frustrating at times dealing with the inconsistencies of warning labels provided by manufacturers, but that could change according to this report.

Speaking of food. I'm sure you've seen the blog Cake Wrecks, but this post, well, it takes the cake (no pun intended).

Finally, I have no idea why I'm posting these except that they generally sum up my attitude toward PETA and unionized labor.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

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