I was standing in line with the girls last week when I overheard this other guy commenting that he couldn't believe summer was over and the kids were headed back to school. I was thinking to myself , which pagan calender does this guy follow, and then it occurred to me, Crap! school's starting in just a few weeks. Of course then I'm talking to my boys on the phone this week and they told me they couldn't talk long because the next day was their first day of school. I guess I'm the one whose calendar is a little off.

This weekend we'll be getting school supplies (if you haven't gotten yours check out the deals at EZ School Supplies found in the right sidebar & some testimonials from other blog sites), new clothes, and haircuts.

At least the doctor's visits are out of the way. Allie had been complaining of a sore throat and I took her to get checked out which made for an interesting situation. After examining the normal ears, nose and throat, the doctor explained she'd have to obtain a throat culture and a urine test. Pretty standard stuff until we got down to the mechanics, at which point the conversation went something like this.

[Doctor to Allie]: Okay Sweetie, we're going to do a couple easy tests.

[Allie]: Are they going to hurt?

[Doctor]: Oh no, Sweetie. One is just us tickling your throat.

[Allie]: Will I get a sucker?

[Doctor]: Yes, but you have to do the other test and that's peeing in this cup (which looked like a thimble).

[Allie]: Uh, how am I going to do that?

[Doctor]: Oh, it's easy, Honey. First you take this pad and wipe reeeeeal good all over... down here (points to... down there. Allie's eyes get huge), then you just hold this cup under you and pee in it real carefully.

[Allie]: I'm gonna need help.

[Doctor]: I'm sure your step-dad (doctor looks at me)...

[Step-Dad]: Uh... (I'm looking over the top of my glasses and shaking my head back and forth emphatically. Doctor looks back at Allie and she is doing the same thing).

[Doctor]: ...orrrr, well, if the throat culture comes back positive we won't need a urine sample.

I don't think I or Allie ever wanted a throat culture to be so positive our entire lives. Then 5 year-old Avery, whose been sitting there reading a book chimes in.

[Avery]: If I clean my "bagina" real good can I have a sucker too?

Thank God the throat culture was positive. We all got suckers on that visit.

Blog Carnival
Couple things from my inbox this week to pass along, the first of which is the Blog Carnival at Daddy's Toolbox Daddy's Toolbox (where I have a submission posted). His carnival has a great collection of writing and tips on parenting by some very good guys. I've really been enjoying this site in general (Show your support by Stumbling the posts you enjoy. They'd really appreciate it.).

Olympic Mom
No doubt you've heard the amazing feats of Michael Phelps this week during the Olympics. I'm pretty sure he'll get a key to the city, meet the president and go to Disneyland when it's all over. For as amazing as he is, his mom deserves a great deal of credit in helping him deal with his ADHD growing up as you will see in this article from the NY Times.

And In Girl's Underwear...
Rmember my issue with some of the creepy stuff on little girl's underwear. Apparently, Disney finally crossed the line with their High School Musical undies which sport a popular show's theme "Dive In" on them. Not exactly the thing a dad wants to see when he's folding the girls' laundry.

BlogHer / BlogHim
Those of you that are familiar with the blogospher have probably heard of BlogHer and their blogging convention targeted primarily at women in the blogging community. Lately, there has been interest in starting a BlogHim convention, and Seattle PI Family Reporter, Paul Nyhan has posed the question openly. I support the idea of a convention, and so it was interesting to read what dooce's husband (if you don't know who dooce is, she is the Oprah Winfrey/Michael Jordan of the blogging community) wrote about his experience while attending the BlogHer convention as a guy on his own blog Blurbomat.

Star Wars
Aside from the Batman Movie, the other film I could not wait to see was the animated Star Wars movie coming out this weekend. I already have the tickets and have almost converted my young step-daughters to the dark side of geek-dome. If you have any interest in the movie, you should read 7 Reasons the Clone Wars Will Be Worth Seeing.

I apologize there's not much from the inbox as it's been kind of a cruddy week for me. Thanks to everyone for your encouraging comments, emails and phone calls. My wife has been great too, all except when she explained how she'd signed me up for a men's fashion catalogue advertising these swim wear selections.

**DISCLAIMER** If you are reading this at work or with your family scroll fast or pick another time to brag to your boss/hubbie/wife/pastor/mother about this blog!

There were more, but in the name of decency, I could not post them. No sucker for my wife.

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