The Unit Season 3 on DVD

This isn't earth shattering news, but as a fan I would be remiss not to announce the DVD release of season 3 for The Unit. The information comes from one of my favorite entertainment watch sites, Buzz Focus which announced the sale date for 14 October.

My only complaint is that for a strike-shortened season, we're still getting charged the full retail price of nearly $40. Guess they make up all that lost money somehow.

Here's a copy of the release statement.


Three-Disc Set Features All 11 Episodes From The Thrilling Third Season Along With Commentaries, Deleted Scenes And More Arriving On DVD October 14 From Fox Home Entertainment

CENTURY CITY, Calif. - The Unit’s top secret military world of conspiracy, danger and nail-biting suspense continues with compelling revelations about the team, their personal lives and the Unit’s increasingly complex nature as “The Unit” Season Three arrives on DVD October 14th from Fox Home Entertainment. Golden Globe®-nominee* Dennis Haysbert (”24“), Scott Foley (”Felicity“) and Robert Patrick (”The X-Files“) star in the Emmy®-nominated** series as members of a covert Special Forces team operating outside the usual military chain of command, their identities highly classified as they risk their lives on dangerous missions at home and abroad. But upon returning home from a successful mission the men are thrust into their most perilous situation yet when they discover the Unit is on stand-down pending investigation of criminal actions by their leader Jonas Blane (Haysbert) and those under his command. The men all fall under suspicion which quickly escalates to physical assault and are forced to use the skills they¹ve honed in the field to protect themselves and their families as they race to uncover who is behind the attacks which grow increasingly more deadly.

From Shawn Ryan, the creator of “The Shield,” and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer/director David Mamet (Redbelt), “The Unit” Season Three three-disc DVD collection includes all 11 episodes presented in widescreen, plus bonus features including deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes featurette and more. The DVD set is available for the suggested retail price of $39.98 U.S / $54.98 Canada.

Season Three Episodes / DVD Special Features:

“The Unit” Season Three DVD includes episodes presented in widescreen format (1.78:1 aspect ratio) with English 5.1 Dolby Digital and French/Spanish Surround sound plus Spanish, Cantonese and Portuguese subtitles. Individual disc content as follows:

Disc One:
Pandemonium Part One
Commentary by Executive Producer/Director Vahan Moosekian, Director of Photography Krishna Rao and Supervising Producer Sharon Lee Watson

Pandemonium Part Two
Commentary by actors Dennis Haysbert, Michael Irby and Rebecca Pidgeon, Co-Executive Producer Todd Kessler, Executive Producer Vahan Moosekian, Director of Photography Krishna Rao

Always Kiss Them Goodbye
Commentary by Visual Effects Supervisor Dave Altenau, actor Abby Brammell and Executive Producer Shawn Ryan

Every Step You Take
Commentary by actor Demore Barnes, Co-Executive Producer Lynn Mamet and Editor Rick Tuber

Disc Two:
Inside Out
Commentary by actors Audrey Marie Anderson, Demore Barnes and Abby Brammell and Writer Dan Hindmarch


Five Brothers
Commentary by actors Dennis Haysbert, Demore Barnes, Michael Irby & Max Martini and Co-Executive Producer Frank Military

Play 16
Commentary by actors Dennis Haysbert, Robert Patrick, Demore Barnes, Michael Irby & Max Martini and Co-Executive Producer Daniel Voll

Disc Three:
Binary Explosion
Commentary by actors Dennis Haysbert, Robert Patrick, Demore Barnes & Michael Irby, Story Editor Randy Huggins and Special Effects Coordinator Dennis Dion

Gone Missing

Side Angle Side

Special Features:
The Writers’ Roundtable featurette
Deleted Scenes
Price: $39.98 U.S. / $54.98 Canada

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