The Unit, Season 4 Looking Good

It's not official but according to a recent article in The Chicago Tribune, the chances of a 4th season for The Unit are looking pretty good at this point. That's not to say we should expect to see Dennis Haysbert and Scott Foley taking down "tangos" (terrorists) on their normal Tuesday night time slot. There are more than a few landmines that need to be avoided, but at least it sounds doable at this point, and a decision could come in the next several weeks.

I wanted to post the status of the show thus far since I've noticed that my few postings on the subject are
also some of the most read (The Unit & Honor). Furthermore, it's been interesting to note that as I've tracked the show's status on fan sites, it turns out that the majority of fans are women. Nothing wrong with that, and in fact, they are the most active in recruiting others in voicing support of the show to CBS. My guess is there is much they can relate to given that the show doesn't center just on the military aspect, but gives equal voice to the perspectives and emotions of the wives and families as well. Of course, by their fan comments, they're none too shy about drooling over those rough men of action either. Go figure. In any case, I know I'll be thankful they went to all the effort when I'm sitting on the edge of my seat watching the Team run missions again next fall.

Click on the Yellow Ribbon Campaign if you'd like to get involved in keeping CBS from cancelling The Unit. Cross your fingers.

PS - 13 May UPDATE On The Status Of The Unit

PPS - Check out my Top 10 Episodes of The Unit

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