Spring Break Day 4

Day 4 went pretty quick. For some reason the whole morning was a blur, but I do remember getting the boys ready to go see a reptile show at the Downtown Mall. The reptile show itself was put together by some ambitious kid who really likes snakes, as he has collected any number of dangerous, exotic and large varieties in addition to several alligators. It actually wasn't too bad for a dollar donation. The boys sat up front, just far enough away that I couldn't get any good pictures.

Noah, Harrison and Sawyer each had distinctly different reactions to the display of reptiles on the stage. Noah, of course was extremely excited. About every third animal he would plow through the crowd and recite every fact given by the handler on each of the specimens. Harrison was excited too, but in a different way. I mentioned earlier his love for animals, but what I didn't know was that his fondness only extends to the cute and cuddly species. As soon as the cobras where brought out and taunted till their heads rose up and puffed out, Harrison shot like a rocket back to me where he started crying. At first I thought he got into a fight or something, but through sobs and gulps of air he told me he wasn't kosher being in the same room with poisonous snakes. I reassured him it was ok and then had him sit with me and draw pictures. That left Sawyer. Sawyer is showing his care-free-deal-with-it personality these days and the crowed show was no exception. Being a bit tired, he threw his coat on the ground and proceeded to flop onto his belly with little regard for any inconvenience he may be causing fellow spectators. His only interest was comfort. To hell with snakes and all that.

Thankfully the show was short enough to keep Noah's attention, but long enough to still be entertaining. Afterwards we headed to McDonald's for Happy Meals and then took a long drive through the countryside so Sawyer could fall asleep.

Once we got home, the boys wanted to shoot the BB Gun, which sounded like good to me. We lined up some targets while Grandpa watched on from where he was splitting a few logs. Noah and Harrison did pretty good while observing the rules of safety much better than the last time (don't ask - someone almost lost an eye). Kids being kids, shooting plain old targets gets old pretty quick, and soon Noah wanted to shoot something that would break. That idea led us to a junk pile with all the old glass bottles you could ever want. I didn't think that BB gun would do more than plink the outside but for a gun that's probably 25 years old it still had enough zink to break bottles in one shot. After using up all the BB's I took the gun inside and checked on napping Sawyer.

The boys, meanwhile, went hog wild in the creek building damns, and forts ships to sinks with stones. Eventually they caught a few crayfish despite the cold water. Sawyer joined them and they were as happy as three little boys could be.

Finally, I hauled them in for dinner, baths and early bedtime so they wouldn't be too cranky for the ride home in the morning. I was glad to get a chance to talk a bit more with mom and then watch some of the final four basketball tournament with dad, but then I went to bed. Why is it that on the one night everyone needs a good night's rest no one is destined to get it?

Noah woke up and seeing that I had kicked the covers off me, tried to tuck me back in which scared the crap out of me. As my heart slowed to normal, Noah announced that he was going to get some water. Next thing I hear he's up-chucking in the toilet. When I walked in to check on him he's got his head buried in the commode like a frat boy and then just looks up at me and says very nonchalantly, "Glad that's out. I'm feelin' much better now." We went back to bed, but an hour latter Harrison is standing there with a very disgruntled look on his face. "Sawyer pee'd on me!" Apparently. Sawyer got a bit confused and mistook his brother for the potty. It's funny to think of now, but when you're executing the change-jamma's-and-sheets drill at 4am it's not exactly hilarious. Oh well, we lived.

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