This past weekend Ashley and I actually got out for a change and went on a little date. Having been couped up in the apartment the last several weeks and with her girls gone, it was high time we had some fun. I just received my unemployment check and instead of spending the entire thing on booze and cigarettes like you're supposed to, we went out and grabbed a bite to eat and then caught a movie (I paid all the current bills too, including my bookie, lest anyone think me to be irresponsible). We had a nice little dinner where I gorged myself like a street urchin eating his first Happy Meal, and then we headed over to the theater to see Leatherheads with George Clooney, Renée Zellweger, and John Krasinski (that guy from The Office).

The movie is a romantic comedy in the same vein as the old screw-ball classics such as The Philadelphia Story and Bringing Up Baby. Leatherheads takes place in the 1920's when early professional football lacked in structure, credibility and most of all money. Clooney plays Jimmy 'Dodge' Connelly, a die-hard football player who'll do whatever it takes to keep the game alive, despite the fact he's past his prime. In his scheming antics, Dodge, realizes that college football star and war hero Carter Rutherford, played by Kransinski, is exactly the answer to bring legitimacy to the pro level of the game... and allow Dodge to keep playing the game he loves so much. The hitch comes when Zellweger's Lexie Littleton, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune shows up to expose Rutherford's little secret. Of course a love triangle ensues and the antics begin. Clooney pulls off a good vaudevillian version of Gary Grant, while Zellweger and Kransinski remind you of a tough-talking Katherine Hepburn and the ever-charming Jimmy Stewart in their respective roles. Leatherheads hasn't received great reviews, but if you haven't seen the old classics which this movie was specifically patterned after, then it's just going to be a silly movie. Being a huge fan of this type of film, it became an instant favorite.

Ashley and I pulled off some screw-ball antics of our own during the film as we were told that the ice cream we purchased a few minutes before the show was not allowed in the theater. Rather than trash our perfectly good treat we 'reconfigured' things and snuck it inside. Ashley jammed hers down her throat risking freezer burn before jail time, while I, on the other hand, never thought raspberry cheesecake tasted so good. We had a great evening as Ashley is the most wonderful date to take out on the town.

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