The Unit on CBS

The Unit
Ok, everyone knows what my favorite show is but a very close second is "The Unit" on CBS... watch the last episode from season 2 is Friday at 8 central and the season premier is TUESDAY the 25th at 8 central. The show is a very realistic account of the elite Delta Force unit with the Army's Special Forces Command. Not only does it deal with the soldiers in the unit but it also covers the lives of the wives and families of these soldiers as well. People, understand I am the most critical person ever when it comes to watching war-themed movies and television but The Unit is about as close to real as you can get in both drama and action. This is mainly due to the fact that it is based on the real-life exploits of SMG Eric Haney - one of the original members of Delta Force. I've read SMG Haney's book "Inside Delta Force" and it is one of the most increadible collections of heroics I have ever come across.

Check out my Top 10 Episodes of The Unit

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