I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

Ah, moving! Funny how things don't quite go the way that you had planned them to...

Plan A Checklist

1. Act pathetic and lonely in order to entice sister to help pack your crap up

Status: Check! Had it not been for my good ol sister I'd wouldn't have a thing packed and being completely overwhelmed at that thought of it would have stayed in bed for 6 days straight without acknowledging the fact that I am moving

2. Rent truck with moving dolly

Status: Incomplete.... I did reserve the truck and dolly and was told I would be notified about my reservation the day prior to my pickup. Nope! I had to call and get status update and number to local pickup site. When I called them they had no idea who I was. They did have a truck but the little dolly thingy is an issue and I cannot pick up either truck or dolly until after 10am when the only guy in the store can fill out the paperwork.

3. Ask friends to help load and drive the truck

Status: Incomplete... well I did ask 4 people who were committed up until several hours ago when my best friend Mark was in an accident and although he's ok he cannot drive 8 hours nor pick up anything heavier than a pencil. As such his wife is outta the picture too. That leaves the other two. One of which wants to leave tonight and the other cannot. The problem is that someone has to drive the truck so they would have to ride together. The one that wants to come up tonight doesn't want to ride 8 hours with the other guy who is quite talkative. Sooooo, my friend that is coming tonight is bringing his girlfriend so she can drive one vehicle back, he's driving the truck and I will drive the car. The other friend decided there is no reason for him to come so he's staying in Houston and wants me to give him a call if I need a hand....

Plan B

There was no plan B

I love it when a plan comes together.... but I am thankful for those that could help. Thank you! I'm never moving again!

There will be a lul in my blogs for a few days as I treck back to H-town and get set up.

Pray that our truck is not secretly rigged with explosives or anything

Friends to come up and help

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