Military Resume

Captain, Infantry, United States Army

MAY 01 – MAR 03
Brigade Assistant Operations Officer: Responsible for developing, coordinating and implementing all operations pertaining to the military training, disaster relief, and home-land security operations involving a 2,500 – soldier mechanized, infantry brigade in the Texas National Guard.

  • Graduated top 5% out of 250 students from the Infantry Company Commander’s Career Course at Ft. Benning, Georgia.
  • Earned the Army Achievement Medal for efforts during the Brigade War-fighter Exercise at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.

DEC 00 – MAY 01
Company Executive Officer: Second-in-command of a 129-soldier, rifle-company charged with overseeing the logistical and support services provided to the company while maintaining the accountability and serviceability of over 1.1 million dollars worth of organizational equipment.

  • Created a company maintenance program for organizational equipment latter adopted by the battalion.
  • Recorded the highest maintenance rating out of 4 other companies in the unit.

AUG 99 – DEC 00
Rifle Platoon Leader: Held accountable for the overall welfare, training, administration, personnel management, logistical support and tactical employment of a 36-man, rifle platoon while maintaining and accounting for over $250,000 worth of organizational equipment.

  • Rated #1 platoon of 4 in training proficiency by the company commander.
  • Authored a team leader-training course published in Infantry Magazine.
  • Implemented a fitness program resulting in the highest, physical-fitness score in the battalion.

NOV 98 – AUG 99
Detachment Executive Officer: Second-in-command of a 100-soldier detachment with additional duties supervising the planning, training, supply functions, logistical support and readiness of the unit while operating a 45-vehicle, motor pool.

  • Coordinated the re-deployment a 500-man task force from the peacekeeping mission in Sinai, Egypt; decorated for achievement.
  • Attended the Infantry Officer Basic Course graduating #5 of 145; Commandant’s List Selection.

AUG 98 – NOV 98
Recruiting Officer: Charged with recruiting perspective officer candidates from both incoming college students at five universities/colleges and active duty soldiers from two major military installations.

  • Selected ahead of 4 qualified peers for Recruiting Officer position.
  • Designed innovative recruiting materials including CD-ROM and informational brochures distributed to over 3,000 new students; decorated for achievement.

JUL 95 – AUG 98 Enrolled at St. Edward’s University

JUN 91 – JUL 95
Medical Specialist: Trained to perform routine health care and medical administrative procedures as well as provide preventative medicine and emergency medical treatment in both a field and hospital environment.

  • Selected from among candidates nationally by the Department of the Army for the Green-To-Gold ROTC Scholarship.
  • Attended the Army Medical Specialist Course; top 10% of 160.

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