God and Bean Burritos

OK, if the title lead you to believe that God is endorsing Mexican food in some newly discovered passage of the Bible, sorry. Although, if a likeness of Jesus can be miraculously found in a toasted cheese sandwich and sell on e-bay for thousands then I wouldn't want to be accused of limiting the Creator of the Heavens and short-order cuisine. No, this really has nothing to do with food at all. Just something of a question. OK, here goes:

Can God make a bean burrito soooooo hot he couldn't eat it?

Well, could he? The answer has been tormenting me for years.

The other day I was hearing of all the debate within a church congregation over the format of the church service. Apparently there were some pretty strong opinions - people even left. Then a few days later I was talking to a girl that attended another church in the area. I made an innocent reference to the church's nickname which prompted a discussion about why people from other churches feel the need to put down a church that seeks after God and is doing allot of good. Both incidents brought to mind my bean burrito conundrum. In fact, it's been the bean burrito debate that's made me afraid of church for all the years since leaving high school. I mean I've seen some pretty heated debates, even been involved in them earlier in my life, and I've never seen one end well. Heck, even Peter and Paul supposedly had a little tiff. Instead of Black-on-Black violence would this be considered Fish-on-Fish?

I've wondered why God doesn't just say, "Hey you're right and you're wrong." I mean how does one argue their opinion with God and think they have a chance? There's been allot of people that I've seen and met that see themselves as the voice of God, but when it came down to it they were really God's "Opinion Bearer." Growing up in an extremely religious environment there was a high concentration of these Heavenly Opinion Bearers - kind of like particles in an atom squeezed in a this tiny space where they were forced to have allot of contact. Someone would throw out the bean burrito question and they would all bounce around like mad in debate until eventually one of them would split a particle and boom! Mushroom cloud. Problem was I (an others) had bunches of other questions like how do I love others when I find it hard to love myself. But no one was around to ask. Everyone was dealing with the fall-out from the bean burrito explosion.

I was still thinking about bean burritos while getting out of the shower and I guess drying my hair jarred loose the question, "Why does God need people to share His opinions?" He doesn't. God doesn't have opinions. He's absolute truth. Everything else is irrelevant. Game over. So why do I waste my time with opinions and theories on what he can do with a bean burrito? or how a church service should run or why my church is better than your church? It just doesn't matter. We're supposed to love - God, ourselves and others, right? In which case while debating the burrito someone that needed a burrito just went hungry and we missed it.

(Author's Note: If scripture did exist demonstrating God's promotion of Mexican food my guess is it would likely be found in Revelations as Mexican food for me is quite the Tribulation in my digestive track and usually ends in some apocalyptic fashion).

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