Goth and Only 10

Ever wonder what's going through your kids' head sometimes?  To keep the girls' time structured over the summer, we've started carving out an hour per day for "writing time." The output from this little exercise has been enlightening. Take for example this little example from my oldest stepdaughter. It's her (touching) commentary on her feelings about our recent move. Consider it a guest post of sorts. (PS. I got permission first.)

My Heartbreaking Moment

Hi! My name is Allie, and I am from Houston, Texas. I lived in Texas for 10 years! But then tears came. I had to move to a nasty, disgusting, icky state. Indiana. 

My life fell 10 stories when I heard the news. I remember my heart falling to pieces. Sadly, I was leaving behind friends, family, and happiness. I almost felt Goth! Yeah! It was that bad. 

Even today my mother still tells me she is sad too. I thought about turning back, but it was too late. 

I'll always remember the sweet smell of Texas. Smoke, trash, happiness. I'll always remember the look. Litter, happiness and ghetto cars. H-Town.

* * * 

After I read this I told Allie, that even though I am happy to be with my boys again, I am also sad about some of the things left behind in Texas. 

"Really?!" she said.

"Yup, really," I answered. "But not the ghetto cars and no you're not old enough to be Goth."

We hugged.

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