Some Hockey Fun Facts From Texas

Last friday my family and I had the chance to go see the Houston Aeros hockey team play as part of a H-Town Blogger's Night Out event. Honestly, I had my reservations about how much of a good time we would have. Everyone was crabby; there were several meltdowns, and we ended up getting out the door late. Turns out, we had a blast. Hockey? In Texas? Who woulda thunk it?

I'm from Northwest PA, and hockey was a big deal. I went to a few of the minor league pro games up in Erie, and it was a blast. But I was teenager, so I had my doubts as to how long Allie and Avery would last. They loved it. In fact their enthusiasm for every body check and fight bordered on blood-lust, the likes of which caused me to make mental note never to expose them to the WWF.

As the evening progressed, Allie started asking me all kinds of questions about the game, prompting me to send out some facts about hockey via Twitter. It's been a while since the days when I followed the game closely, but I think most of what I sent out is fairly accurate. (I also added a few more.) 

Hockey Fun Facts*

Hockey Fun Fact: A faceoff is when a player from each team have a staring contest & make mean faces until one of them laughs

Hockey Fun Fact: When it comes to picking a team to root for my wife will pick the one that has the better font on their jersey.

Hockey Fun Fact: The players like to slap the puck out of things

Hockey Fun Fact: Not sure what “icing” means, but in hockey, it doesn’t go on cake.

Hockey Fun Fact: They’ve got nachos? Mmmmm, naaaachoooos.

Hockey Fun Fact: Zambonies make ice shiny.

Hockey REALLY Fun Fact: There are cheerleaders!

Hockey Fun Fact: A “slap shot” is when you’re wife catches you looking at the cheerleaders

Hockey Fun Fact: Being in the “penalty box” is like timeout for adults. There’s another definition but I can’t say as this is a family event

Hockey Fun Fact: A “2-on-1” is …you know what, let’s just not go there.

Hockey Fun Fact: “Poke Checking” is—Hey! I thought this was supposed to be a family event?!

Hockey Fun Fact: “Shuffle the muffin” “ringing the pipes” “hip-check” “wrist shot” & “stickhandling” More proof this game is filthy

Hockey Fun Fact: Fights occasionally happen. Ooo, Ooo! Punch that mutha effer in da throat you pussy!!! #houstonaeros family night

Hockey Fun Fact: For Texas hockey players Line Brawling is done the same a Line Dancing but with 2 fists not 2 steps

Hockey Fun Fact: You keep track of periods, the players wear pads & it's not unusual to see blood.

Hockey Fun Fact: When your wife shoves you after reading your tweets, it's referred to as a “bawdy check.”

Hockey Fun Fact: “Ripple the twine” is a phrase for scoring a goal 1st used in a poem by Emily Dickinson after seeing her 1st game in 1848

Hockey Fun Fact: If a player pulls 3 goals out his ars in the same game it’s called a hat trick. (I don’t get the connection)

Hockey Fun Fact: If home team scores during a predestinated 90 second stretch fans are treated to free hot wings at local eatery

Hockey Fun Fact: “Stoned” – an AWESOME save by the goalie …who is also high as a kite.

Hockey Fun Fact: A delayed penalty is when a player gets distracted for a few seconds before committing a foul.

Hockey Fun Fact: “Pulling the goalie” is like when the goal tender gets laid off.

Hockey Fun Fact: My old girlfriend & I sat in this same section of the arena to see a Coldplay concert.

Hockey Fun Fact: Same girlfriend and I watched NIN from VIP skybox on the other side of arena. What a night.

Hockey Fun Fact: When your wife says it's time to go early because she’s pissed at you it's called a "Power Play."

*some of the items listed may be longer than 140 characters as they have been modified for clarity purposes here

Before I close this post out, it would be wrong of me not to express my gratitude to Jamie from Love to Shop Mom and Christina of Rant Rave Roll, who did a fabulous job of organizing the event in conjunction with Nikk Welsh, the @houston_aeros social media coordinator. I do feel badly, however, about arriving late since it deprived me the opportunity to talk to Elz (Elizabelz) again, and meet other bloggers like Stacey of Tree Root Twig, Mile High Mama, and many others. I hope to get the chance again in the near future.

So the FTC doesn't body check my skinny butt into the glass, I'd better point out that I received four free tickets in order to attend this event, but no one asked me write this post. I only did it to boost my stats.

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