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Many of you probably remember Jack of Random Thoughts - Do They Have Meaning from his earlier appearance. This practically makes him a regular fill in, like Leno used to be for Johnny Carson--wait, bad comparison. Let's try Conan O'Brien for Leno--never mind. How about I just turn it over to Jack so he can explain the rules of guest blogging for us.

Rules for Guest Blogging

The first rule of guest blogging is that no one talks about guest blogging. There is no cheesy self promotion in which you use 700 words to encourage the readers of the host to run from your guest post to your blog.

That sort of thing is frowned upon. It is a cheap shot, sort of like writing posts in which you poke fun at mommy bloggers. Really, who does things like that. I’d guess that it is the same schmuck who writes about what rules to follow for Twitter and blogging. Not to mention his propensity for making fun of germophobes and telemarketers.

Really, if I was that guy I’d stick to my ‘A’ game and write about daddy blogging, children, heartbreak and dreams for the future. I’d do it because guest blogging involves two things:

1) A desire to expose your writing to a new audience in the hope that you’ll gain new readers.
2) The chance to help out a friend when life gets in the way of blogging.

In fact I’d probably reverse the order of those two items. It is always smart to imitate politicians and pretend that you are helping solely for altruistic reasons and not for personal gain. Yeah, that is the ticket.

I like that idea so much I think that I’ll repeat it. If someone asks for you to guest blog you need to tell them that you are interested in helping them. That sort of selfless act is always going to place you in good stead. It is so effective that you don’t need to be asked to guest blog. You can reach out to them and offer.

It is a sweet deal, tastes a bit like Sugar Milk* to me. And that of course reminds me of what a friend sugar is to a dad. That sweet substance is like crack cocaine for kids and twice as useful.

Just imagine that your wife has left you alone for the very important task of going to a wedding shower or to see Sex and The City II with friends. It is just you and the children for a full day of adventures in parenting. If you were one of the good fathers you’d play games with the kids and cook them a nutritious meal, even several nutritious meals.

Or you could opt for calling in reinforcements to help manage the little buggers. Aunts and grandparents are pretty good resources. You can use the same technique as outlined in the guest blogging pitch. Call grandma and tell her that the children have been asking to see her all day, not just asking but crying. That is sure to warm her heart and she’ll be there in a jiffy to come help.

But if you get stuck, if on the rare occasion there are no aunts or grandparents to rely upon you can always trust your friend sugar and his big brother television. Head on over to one of the warehouses and pick up a commercial supply of junk. Follow up on that by turning on SpongeBob or some over educational television program and you’ll find yourself with happy children and a quiet house. Not that I would know about this, it is just something that I read on some mommy blog somewhere. It was probably stuck in between the post about the Sesame Street giveaway or why she wishes her husband could read her mind more often.

Anyway your time with Uncle Jack is over for now. I hope that you learned something, maybe even somethings. ‘Cuz nothing makes your Uncle Jack happier than when he can help improve lives by making people better bloggers.

You can also follow Jack on Twitter @TheJackB and become a Fan on Facebook

*NOTE: Jack added that link, not me. I swear!

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