Saving The World Can Be So Blasé: Houston Family Magazine

Even though I'm on spring break with my boys I do have a few short posts that I scheduled. This is my "Back Talk" Column in the April issue of Houston Family Magazine. Read about my step-daughters' commitment to the environment. Enjoy.

"Saving The World Can Be So Blasé"

I appreciate that schools are encouraging students of all ages to be conscientious of societal issues like avoiding illegal drugs and respecting the environment. Such topics were never discussed during my formidable years. About the only thing that even came close was Fire Safety Day when, in lieu of science class, a couple of guys from the local volunteer fire department would talk to us in the auditorium about …stuff (for the life of me, I can’t remember what). This typically was followed by a fire drill which ended with the firemen telling everyone the entire third grade perished in the flames because they were talking too much and missed the emergency exit. Then we were allowed to climb all over the town’s lone fire truck while the teachers gathered in the far corner of the parking lot to smoke Virginia Slims.

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