38 By The Numbers

2 Loving parents
3 Talented and lovely Sisters
2 Colleges (Liberty University and St. Edwards University)
4 Majors (Graphic Design, Poly Sci, Psych & finally English Lit)
1 An Army of ___
4 Marriage proposals (Long story)
3 Accepted
1 Rejected (Shorter story)
2 Weddings
3 Incredible sons whom I will forever be proud of
1 Divorce
1 Gorgeous wife whom I can never love enough (Bonus: add 1 to talley)
2 Hilarious stepdaughters who are too precious
1 Minivan
3 Jobs
1 Honorable discharge
1 Resignation
1 Lay off
1 Book written (hint, hint)

= 38 years of a life with many ups and downs, but altogether rewarding.

Extra Credit:
38 years X the value of countless friends = priceless.

Thank you.

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