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Matt Haverkamp of DC Urban Dad is one of the classiest daddy bloggers I've ever met; it's a quality that has earned him the respect of a large number of those in the parent blogging niche. Matt understands that blogging is more than one person; it's about community--just another reason for that all that admiration. But it may also have something to do with the obvious love for his wife and sweet little Mini-Kamp (check out what's the largest tag in his word cloud). Oh yeah, and the guy was in a movie with Tom Berenger. Matt's a busy man these days, and we're lucky to catch a glimpse of him in between the cheetah flips he's been doing at a 100 mph through his back end.

"Two Simple Words"

Life's busy.

Life's complicated.

Life's stressful.

There are bills to pay. Mortgages that loom large. Decisions to make. Conference calls. Meetings. Deadlines. Obligations.

It's hard not to get swallowed up by all the madness around. I try and try, but find sometimes that the current is just to strong. And I just give in and shut down.

Then out of nowhere come in two simple words. When separated they have very little meaning and even less power. But when brought together by the small voice of a 21 month old, they become a force; a lifeline back to reality......

"Hi Daddy"

What's makes this so sweet is that she has no clue to her power. She has no idea that behind the curtains there is a mad world awaiting
her. All she knows is that she loves me and needs me in her life.
She misses me and just wants to say hi.

It's those 2 simple words that make this journey so much fun. It's those 2 simple words that make all the aggravation and stress seem worth it. Those 2 simple words are fast becoming my drug of choice.

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