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Today I am very pleased to have Jack (Be Nimble) from Random Thoughts - Do They Have Meaning? Jack's been daddy blogging for a lot longer than myself, and he knows his stuff. What's more, Jack is an incredibly talented writer (I've embedded some links to some of his great posts), and I am thrilled he could do a guest post for the Lunchbox.

When I was first given the opportunity to serve as a guest blogger here I wasn’t really sure how I wanted to approach it. Couldn’t decide if it was going to be like the cameo appearances stars used to make on the Love Boat or Match Game.

In my mind there was a difference. The Love Boat was filled with people who had at one time been players but had fallen upon harder times and relegated to working on bit parts to try and save their careers.

Match Game was a different story. They had all sorts of cool stars who would make an appearance. Now mind you, that I am a child of the 70s and that this perspective is a little bit more than 30 years old and could easily be wrong.

We were given some basic guidelines one of which is that we are not allowed to praise our host. And I take direction seriously, especially from a man who tried to use a banana as a weapon. Of course he used it as a gun which is a bit different from my plan which would have been to use it in the most obvious fashion.

Yes, I would have eaten the banana and cleverly placed the peel beneath the unsuspecting heel of whomever needed to be taken out. Now I could lay claim to knowing better because the small difference in our ages has bestowed upon me additional wisdom. And I suppose were I a mommy blogger I might have done just that.

But I am not. I am a daddy blogger. I am part of a group of renaissance men who have formed a brotherhood whose driving principle is to support each other. We don’t’ care about race, color or creed. It doesn’t matter what your religious background is because we understand that one dirty diaper smells just as bad as another.

So we gather together in our various cyberspace domiciles and dole out advice and words of guidance to our fellow fathers. We share our strength and talk about sports and tell tales of how far we could run, how much we could lift and how many women are sad not to have been given the grace of our seed.

And we’re humble about it too.

In a crazy, mixed up world we do what has to be done and we make it happen…every…day.

It is not always easy being us. Some people like to take swipes and poke at us. They want us to do it all. Be a man like those we see on television. Strong, confident, masculine and what have you. And at the same time they want to see that softer side, the father who can sit on the floor and play with the kids.

Well, we really don’t worry about whether we can do it all because we are men. We don’t ask for directions because we never get lost. We just explore new sections of town that we have never been to.

We are experts at building things be it out of blocks Legos, or Lincoln Logs. We can take a Tinker Toy set and build a city or a siege engine. We can take the children for an afternoon and teach them valuable life lessons as derived from a nickel defense and so much more.

Yep, it is not easy being a man, but it sure is fun. Before I go let me leave you with one last thought.

2010 is the year of the daddy blogger.

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