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Some of you may have already read this already on Sugar Milk's official site, but I'm posting it again here for those who may have not. I feel a little weird about drawing attention to myself like this. Self-promotion is not my thing. Last night, however, as we drove home from the girls' school (they have this really neat program where parents and their kids participate in a writer's workshop together, the end project being a book of collective family stories--I digress) --so, as I was saying, on the way home, my wife reminds me that I'm in the wrong business (writing) if I'm unwilling to promote myself. Whether I like it or not, she's right, and thus, I'm reposting this latest news about the book here.

One of the things that has amazed me thus far about the attention Sugar Milk has received is the international interest. Already, the book has earned mentions in the Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail, but our neighbors to the north haven't been the only ones.

The Chinese, as it turns out, have an interest too. In the fall of last year, I did an interview with a writer at The Bund Pic--a print and online Chinese lifestyle magazine, comparable to Vanity Fair here in the States.

The young lady who interviewed me asked some very intelligent questions and recently sent me a link to the article. To my surprise, it was a feature article that talked about my thoughts on being a stay-at-home dad along with tie-ins to FOX Reality's Househusbands of Hollywood. (By the way, the show's official web page features a link to my blog - another surprise.)

Along with the cast of the show, were pictures of Sugar Milk's cover and a full-page photo of Allie, Avery and me. (When I showed them they wanted to know when the limo was coming like it does for Hannah Montana.) To see it for yourself, follow this link and then navigate to page 18.

The only problem: I haven't been able to translate the article. Since it's a flash player, I can't run it through Babel's translation page, but I'm working on a solution.

And this isn't the only interview I've been asked to do for a publication in this country. The Chinese version of Men's Health contacted me last month for a story due out soon. One interesting note: during that interview, the writer informed me that Clark Kent's Lunchbox had been banned in China. I'm not sure if this is just a rule about U.S. blogs in general or if it relates to something specific, but in any case I am honored to have been included in these publications.

Sugar Milk's release is March 2010. If anyone is interested in more information, advance review copies or interviews, they can contact Ashley Evans at A number of you have been asking about posting a badge for the book on your own blogs, and those will be available on the official website later today. Thanks everyone for all your support and encouragement. I have been very humbled by it.

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