Elmo Potty Mouth

I debated over whether to post this or not; I try to provide content with at least some redeeming value of which this video has none. Still, it's funny as hell and caters to my brand of humor which this blog has been in short supply of lately. I'll blame it on "Lois" for introducing it to me, but I gotta say the two of us were laughing so hard we couldn't breath.

Note: You may want to turn the volume down if at work or around the kids. It's not bad per se, but it sure sounds that way.

If we offend, it is with our good will.
That you should think, we come not to offend,
But with good will. To show our simple skill,
That is the true beginning of our end.
Consider then we come but in despite.
We do not come as minding to contest you,
Our true intent is. All for your delight
We are not here. That you should here repent you,
The actors are at hand and by their show
You shall know all that you are like to know.

- Shakespeare, "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Okay, so I thought I'd throw some Shakespeare into the mix to even things out... of course this is the play he did while tripping on acid.

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