My 15 Minutes Of Fame

Last week I was interviewed by Sarah Boesveld, a reporter with the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail. She was doing a story on dads who were laid off, fell into the roll of primary care-giver and then started Daddy-blogs to connect and cope with the change in there life.

It was cool being a "a celebrity" if only for a short while. You can read the full article here.

The article is well-written and I thank Sarah for her interest. However, based on the comments, I feel the need to say to one thing. I'm not bitching about being a laid-off-stay-at-home dad. This has been the most rewarding challenge in my life allowing me the opportunity to be closer to my sons as well as get to know my new step-daughters. Yes, it's hard, but I never had any illusions that it wouldn't be. Trust me, I don't sit around watching Sport Center in my undies (sorry, could've spared you that image) all day, popping the tops off a couple brewskies before noon. It's just different is all (and certainly better than office politics).

I would stay at home in a heartbeat given the choice, but finances are an issue (unless there's a big-time publisher out there willing to talk to me about an advance? No? Okay fine.), and because I have the work experience likely to earn the higher income, I need to keep searching for work. In the mean time, it's laundry as usual.

Yes, there are no promotions, no big deals, and no W.E.N.U.S. Reports tracking you tangible success, but what being at home forces you to do as a man is to draw upon your confidence and the comfort you have in your own self-image. That's what is tough. But you realize that building your image off all the "work stuff" is like building your house on the sand. One day it will all wash away and then who are you? Dad, who got the lunches packed and helped us with homework, or the guy that made some company $2 million dollars.

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