Superman's Not Whistling & What's That Horse Doing Underground?

I'm admitting to taking shortcuts on the blogging of late. I've also been a no-show on reading everyone else's, but it's a temporary thing I assure you. Right now there's a few priorities dominating my time. Ol' Clarkie needs to put some food on the table. Until things settle down I'll catch up with your blogs as soon as I can while continuing to cheat on posts through the use of videos and pictures. Pictures like these for you to ponder during your day. Would love to get your captions for them.

Makes you wonder what's going on down in the R&D department at a certain Japanese toy manufacturer?

The Beningtons were pleasantly surprised to learn that midget folk singing was included with room service. (Or, Odd Jobs of Celebrities Before They Were Famous: Brett Michael's controversial first gig that brought into question Texas' Child Labor Laws)

I thought you were supposed to take cold showers to keep from getting pregnant?

The Wolcowskis were saddened to see that Grandma's intervention over her drinking was going nowhere.

No one realized that today's economy was so bad even Superman has been forced to find additional sources of income (Don't say it people. I know what you're thinking).

Several disability advocacy groups were delighted to learn of Disney's plans to release their latest movie, Handicap Musical, but there were questions over who would be playing the lead role of the horse (key in on the red circle). 

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