An Imaginative Story-Making Exercise For Readers

Today I'd like to conduct an "interactive" post for readers. I'm going to list some details from an actual recent event which you will use to recreate a story, photo essay, epic poem or whatever, in your head. Sound good? Okay. Here are the elements in no particular order or sequence. 

1. 5 year old stepdaughter with suspected bladder infection and ADHD

2. 6 year old stepdaughter with a proclivity for pretentiousness (think Sharpe from High School Musical or general all-around diva).

3. Monsoon-like rains and wide scale flooding.

4. Doctor's office with massive roof leaks and wet carpet.

5. Waiting room full of ornery sick kids.

6. Request for a sterile urine sample from said 5 year old (with ADHD).

7. Women's public restroom.

8. Adult male with a phobia about perception of being a creepy stepfather.

9. Stage fright slash performance anxiety.

10. Argument with Doctor's diagnosis ruling out both bladder infection and ADHD

11. 5 year old rolling all over the floor while furiously itching her 'bagina' and chanting "Boring! Borrrrrrring!"

12. Notification of positive results in urine 24 hours after visit. 

Remember, you have to use all the elements when imagining this in your head. What did you come up with? Ya. It was just like that.

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