Favorite Spring Break Sayings

This past week I was on spring break with my boys Noah (10), Harrison (7), Sawyer (4). We had a great time, but, as always, it was too short. Watching them drive off with their mother, I feel a piece of me die. They are growing up, and circumstances prevent me from being nearby to experience it with them. Still, we cherish the days we do have together, and they are always excited about being with me (much to their mother's chagrin. You should've seen the look on her face when I handed her a jar of muddy water with 10 or 12 live crayfish inside that Harrison proudly captured). 

Here are a few of my favorite lines from each of the boys that were just too funny (at least to me). 

Usually on our trips I take each of the boys out for a few hours to do something they like just one-on-one. Noah's thing is eating seafood (remember the 10 pounds of shrimp from Thanksgiving?). So upon being seated, he chuckled at the kiddie menu, grabbed mine and promptly ordered the "wood-grilled lobster, scallops & shrimp dinner" as if he were a man. When the waitress came back to the table to ask how everything tasted after the meal had been served Noah loudly blurts out with, "Fine, fine. Give my compliments to the chef!" But if that wasn't enough to cause those around us to turn and grin, Noah punctuated his satisfaction with an obnoxious belch that brought down the house.

My middle son Harrison is probably the most sensitive and observant of the three. One night after putting them to bed, I heard him whimpering downstairs. When I asked him what was wrong he choked out through his tears, "All this stuff keeps happening to me, and I'm scared!" Curious, I prodded a bit further on all this "stuff," to which Harrison whips out a journal chronicling several examples. "First there were these symbols on the window at church, then there was this writing on the walls in my brother's closet, and now there's this blue light that keeps flashing in the dark. I think this means the UFO's are coming." As it turns out, the symbols were Roman numerals in the stained glass, the writing was from the breaker box, and the blue light was from a sensor my dad had installed in the basement. Oddly enough, he has been a huge fan of the last Indiana Jones movie. Of course, if he had said that he saw dead people, I wouldn't have been able to sleep.

Sawyer's catch phrase since he could talk has been a demonstrative "you're fired!" Usually this is response to someone doing something he is less than pleased with. Now he's added a new one to go with it. Tell him to put on his clothes or take his plate to the counter and it's, "Hey! You want a piece of me!" Then he rolls up his sleeve. "Look at these muscles!" Ya, okay pal. However, his best line was when I came home from Red Lobster with Noah and found Sawyer still in his play clothes when he was supposed to have his PJ's on by the time I got home. When I asked him why they weren't on, he strolls over to grandma, puts his arm around her and gets this serious look on his face. "Hey, it was this lady's idea!" God love him, what's going to come out his mouth at 15? 

Well, the spring breaks are done, I'm over my stint of mono, I got my first teacher's exam out of the way (results pending), and I even got a shout out on Stroller Derby today. Oh, and we had no run-in's with goofy kids sucking down helium (Thanks everyone for your comments. Apparently for UK readers he's not quite their cup of tea. Mine either. Pass the Motrin.). 

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