The Things Kids Say At The Holidays

I'm sure our kids are no different than any others when it comes the stuff that rolls out of their mouths. Of course, because it's the Holiday Season there is an added sprinkle of specialness to it. Here are a few examples.

Me and my son Noah (9 years old).
[Me]: So, Noah, how was Thanksgiving at your grandma's

[Noah]: Oh, it was just horrendous! The turkey was dry. There wasn't enough food for us kids. The adults made us eat at the [guest] house. We got gypped!!!

[Me] (wondering when did he start to care if the turkey was dry): Sorry, Bud.

[Noah]: But I did get to go home with 10 pounds of shrimp!

6 year old Harrison and me.
[Me]: Harrison, tell me about what you want for Christmas?

[Harrison]: Oh Dad, you have to get this [toy] for me! It's wicked sweet!!!

Me and Sawyer who's 4 years old.
[Me]: Sawyer, what did you do over Thanksgiving at your grandma's

[Sawyer]: Well, I juss ran 'round and acted wike a big goofball.

6 year old Allie and her mom at bedtime
[Ashley]: So Honey, tell me what was your sad part today?

[Allie]: Ron told me he emailed Santa to keep my presents because I was being too dramatic! [overly dramatic sigh].

Ashley and Avery - age 5.
[Ashley]: Avery what would you like for Christmas?

[Avery]: A princess crown, a hug and a kiss and nothing else because I already have so much. What would you like, mommy?

Ya, I sh*t you not; she really said that. I don't think in the entire history of asking kids what they want for Christmas those words have ever been uttered by a 5 year old - ever.

Feel free to share your own!

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