Double Feature: Poetry Spam & Take Your Daughter To Work Day

Today's "Double Feature Thursday." Actually I just made that up, but this post really is about two unrelated ideas wrapped up in one box with a neat little red ribbon. Since I don't have an office Christmas party of my own per say, then consider this a blog version of my gag gift for a random co-worker if I did have one.

The first one is a concept rolling around in my head for a long time. I've been saving up all the subject headings from my spam mail account over the past month to create a free-verse poem. Instead of calling it a Poetry Slam, I'm changing it to Poetry Spam. But first, here's a little performance to get you in the mood before reading my entry.

Here's my December Poetry Spam entitled [No Subject]

[No Subject]

Tami21 sent you a message,
Reduce Fatigue, Gas and Bloating.
Find the one just for you,
As seen on Oprah
As seen on Oprah
As seen on Oprah

Camel, The Cowboy and Smoke Free
Looking for a fling,
Looking for singles,
Looking up to 10 years younger.
Say hello to skinny.
ShamWow! Holds up to 5 pounds of liquid.

Guess who has a crush on you?
Someone had a crush on you.
Lenders waiting to lend you money, and
The Incredible Pet Nail Trimmer.
Short on cash.
Get rich now.
Be a lazy millionaire with
Important info about dialysis.

Wanna see my pics
Wanna see my pics
Wanna see my pics

The second feature... well, it speaks for itself. I know it's random, but for whatever reason it was just stuck in my head and kept making laugh while I packed the girls lunches. I'd take my kids to work but it would end up being like every Saturday morning with me checking email and them watching cartoons. We'd probably just play allot of video games too.

Tomorrow officially begins the Christmas crazies for me and Saturday marks the maiden voyage of the star ship "Mini-van" going where few dads have gone before with five kids and no wife to help (how whiny am I?). Since I'll be away from the computer all that time (where we're going cell reception and Internet are almost as bad as in India - wink wink Braja. Come to think of it, there are cows where I'm going too.), tomorrow will also mark the beginning of a Twelve Days of Christmas-type countdown comprised of some of my older post, some new posts and a few other surprises along the way that hopefully will be entertaining. I'll be reading all my other favorite blogs as much as possible while gone, but the majority of my attention will be on my boys and family, which I'm sure will be the same for everyone else. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the Twelve Days of Christmas and I wish the very happiest of holidays to everyone!

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