On This Date In 1977...

My wife Ashley (aka Lois Lane) was born. Even though her birthday is actually today, we celebrated it yesterday, just me and her. Tonight we will celebrate as a family when she gets home from work and I have to finish her surprise yet!). Last evening we enjoyed a nice dinner together and then went to hear David Sedaris,  one of our favorite authors, read some of his new work. Ashley is a wonderful date, and I still feel the same thrill of a night on the town with her today, as I did on our first face-to-face meeting. The only difference with today, being she doesn't casually comment about the high potential for meeting online predators through internet dating sites (read on).

I know it's traditional to give presents to people on their birthday, but to her family, friends, and especially to me, Ashley is a greater gift than any we could ever give her to mark this day. 


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