So I'm sitting here watching the debate with Sen. Biden and Tina Fey, uh, I mean, well you know, and I'm thinking about the events of this last week. Honestly, I feel like I've had the crap beat out of me mentally. I don't have any commentary yet on the debate except to ask what do I care about "cyclical climate changes that are cyclical in the only arctic state in America?" (Actually, according to the news commentators she didn't do too bad, Doggonit! Like soccer, sometimes in politics, I guess a tie is as good as a win.)

I was talking to a good friend this week about how serious the credit situation is and to put things into perspective, a loan officer we know was telling about a millionaire who he had to turn down for a mortgage, because of an long ago balance owed to Blockbuster Video. Now, even I find that hard to believe, but in today's economy it wouldn't surprise me either. Actually it's kind of funny in the ironic sense of someone with all this money being unable to qualify due to an outstanding debt for a video rental costing what? $3.50?

That's not the funniest thing from this week. No, that would be CNN's article reporting that the number of illegal immigrants living in America has dropped by half a million over the last year. I started laughing as I imagined migrant workers chatting about the failed bailout plan and deciding they could make better money back across the border.

Then there's these...

A boat load of immigrants crowd the rails for a glimps of the Statue of Liberty and watch as another boat crammed full of US Citizens leaves NY harbor on its way to the land of opportunity in Russia.

Bodies of Americans wash up on the shore of Cuba, the result of a tragic attempt to look for work.

A band of Mexican zealots band together to form the Minuto Men to help stem the flow of Americans streaming across the border and stealing good-paying Mexican jobs.

The Chinese government detains over 200 defaulted homeowners from California after discovering them hiding in shipping container on a cargo freighter.

Career Builder reports jobs painting houses, mowing lawns and cleaning homes are the three most competative industries for people looking for a job (while WalMart greeters are now required to have an MBA, but are also among the highest paid at $20 an hour).

And then of course, there's this...

Allow me to switch gears. One of the great parts about blogging is the connections you make with people all over the world. There are so many exceptional people out there, and what they have to say is funny, meaningful, and intelligent. I really enjoy them and think they should be shared with as many people as possible. I have about 25 or so (and the list grows daily), but I'm going to spotlight a few each week so readers take the time to really check them out. Quite frankly they write...

The first one is IRREGULARLY PERIODIC RUMINATIONS, by "Mr. Heinous," who writes about being a dad and his life as an IT guy at a Pennsylvania college. He's a real crack up. I keep picturing him as on a sitcom, playing the part of the sarcastic computer tech that dresses like Jimmy Buffett and has these zingers that get the big laughs. Don't be fooled though. He has a soft side too. His comments to his to his blogging friends are always encouraging and there's no doubt he loves being a father.

Then there's THE STILETTO MOM. Okay, it's not fair she's leaving for a week to party in Mexico, but I suppose she's earned it. That aside, Stiletto is all glam and class with a touch of quirk on the side. She could be one the characters on Lipstick Jungle, allowing her the freedom to chase her lifelong crush. Want pointers on how to conduct yourself at a funeral? Steletto Mom can help. Smart and funny, Stiletto Mom's a hit.

Last but not least is iVegasFamily. Raising kids in Las Vegas would scare the crap out of me, but not for this dedicated dad and husband. The thing I like about him is that he seems really down to earth and practicle. There's an undertone in his style that strikes you as being real even, and the friend everyone likes to have around. One of my favorite posts was a thought-provoking piece on going to a certian type of doctor. And no, I didn't do this because he tagged me (which will be posted Monday).

Take some time this weekend to get to know them.

Next week, check the InBox when it spotlights several more... Blogs That Are Super!

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