We Like Ike

Now that Hurricane Ike has shifted to the north it looks like our plans on moving have shifted as well. Instead of moving this weekend we will now be moving, in a rather accelerated fashion, tomorrow. The loft/apartment we are moving out of is located directly behind one of the major bayous in Houston and if there is a surge, it's a safe bet hip-waders will be necessary. 

All of a sudden, packing the fine china just so-so doesn't seem so important as we chuck it into the back of the truck from the window. My only real fear now will be driving in traffic which should be heavy due to the evacuations in place directly south of us. 

If sometime in the next 48 hours you happen to see images on CNN of some guy standing on top of a partially submerged, 26 foot U-Haul, that's me. I'll have my phone with me, so drop me a tweet. I'll give you the play-by-play while all of America sits in front of their TVs at home asking, "what kind of an idiot plans to move in the middle of a fairly significant hurricane?" That would be me. 

PS - I had planed to finish a piece on 9-11, and of course, Friday's Inbox (great stuff out there this week, by the way), but I guess that will have to wait till later.

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