This week my oldest got pink-eye during his first, full week of school. When I asked him how he was doing he said all was good.

"Do you have to wear an eye-patch or glasses?" I teased.

"Dad," he shot back, "It's the 21st Century, they have eye drops for these sorts of things."

And so they do.

This is a pretty short inbox to make up for a few of the massive posts put out this week on the Lunchbox. A couple notes of gratitude to Jeremy at Discovering Dad for having my guest post on his site, to Tara at From Dawn Till Rusk for mentioning the Lunchbox - she has a great site to read - and to Aimee at Greeblemonkey for hosting a cool photo contest (oh, ya, and I was a finalist). Here's a few other posts and articles from the week.

Dad Gone Mad's version of play of forward.

DadCentric's review of the new Star Wars Movie

One of my recent favorites has become Citizen of the Month. Read his story of when he became a writer and have a chuckle.

Then there was this appalling article questioning the identity of Superman courtesy of Christ and Pop Culture.

And finally, I leave you with a wedding that will ensure you never see a Waffle House the same again.

Have a great weekend. Thanks.

UPDATE ON THE PHOTO CONTEST... I WON! Thanks for the votes! Check out the site - click below.

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