Too Much TV?

Today started (or re-started) the regular routine of working at home with the girls. It's back to normal for them too. The week before I left to be with Noah, Harrison and Sawyer, the girls spent the week with their dad in Austin. I got to see them for a day and then I left for PA, during which Allie and Avery were watched by family while Ashley went to work.

When I woke up they greeted me as one would a co-worker at the water cooler after their return from a long vacation. "Have a nice time? How's the weather up that way? It's been a scorcher down here. Well, glad to have you back, I gotta get to work on that report for Jones up in accounting. Let's grab lunch sometime this week."

Yup, business as usual, but once lunch rolled around I started to get the impression the girls might need to take some time away from "the office." Pulling a box of molded strawberries from the refrigerator, Avery's bottom lip dropped out past her chin. "Those are my strawberries," she started crying. "I want strawberries!"

Ohhhh Hell No, I thought. We're not back to acting like this, which led to the following exchange.

[Ron] Girls, what doesn't Ron do?

[Allie & Avery in unison] Drama.

[Ron] That's right [to Avery] and what are we doing?

[Avery] Drama?

[Ron] Right. Now look at these strawberries. See how moldy they are? You wouldn't want to eat something that looked this disgusting would you?

[Avery] Ewwww! Those are gross.

[Allie] You know Ron, you really should try DEBBIE MEYER™ Ever-fresh Green Bags® and those strawberries would last longer.

[Ron, confused] What?

[Allie] DEBBIE MEYER™ Ever-fresh Green Bags®. Produce lasts longer and you can save more money by wasting less of it on unfinished produce that goes bad before it can be consumed. You see, Ron, ethylene gas accelerates ripening, aging and rotting, but DEBBIE MEYER™ Ever-fresh Green Bags® absorb and remove this damaging gas, dramatically extending the life of fruits, vegetables and even flowers.

[Ron stares at Allie and blinks once]

[Allie] I can write down the number for you off the commercial if you want? I highly recommend them.

[Ron] Been watching allot of TV these past few weeks, have you?

[Allie, smiling] I haven't changed my PJ's in three days.

[Ron] You don't say.


Check out Debbie's Fun Bags for yourself (no this isn't a plug and I'm not getting any money for it). By the way, none of the above is even remotely exaggerated. Allie could've been the spokesperson.

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