What's Cookin' ?

What's Cooking? Well that would be pretty much everything being served at the wedding reception to include the wedding cake... peacock feathers and all. And who is preparing all these goodies? That would be my sister Courtney who is a pastry chef from Pittsburgh, where she works at the Frick Mansion in the bakery (Ya, I know. "What the Frick?")

Had she not taken the time out of her busy schedule at work, taking care of her daughter Dora and helping her hubby with law school, Ashley and I would be sunk. The reception would be a short one, that's for sure. So what we're trying to say is we are so grateful for her sacrifice as she's been slaving away in our kitchen stopping only to bring us samples to taste test or go take a leak (ok, tee-tee for the ladies).

It's nice having your own pastry chef around the house...

If you get a chance, say hello to her at the wedding and thanks for the goodies.

And this is our dry-erase board (really it's just to keep me straight on what's going on with the wedding). The countdown has begun.

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