Clark Kent's Icebox

You know how parents are famous for showing off the refrigerator art created by their children? Well, I had the idea of creating a 'virtual' version of the same concept by posting the kids' masterpieces in a photo-hosting site. To keep with my Clark Kent theme I modified (under the tutelage of Ashley) the pic of an old 1940's fridge, (or Icebox) and added what Noah, Allie, Harrison, Avery and Sawyer have come up with.

For the boys and me this gives us a chance to stay connected by sending them a self-addressed, stamped, envelope and having them mail something they've created back. Once you go to the hosting site, you can read descriptions of the work for each one. Showing everything together allows the family to feel a bit more blended despite the distance.

Click here for a closer view of Icebox Art from the Lunchbox Bunch

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