Spring Break Day 1

Spring break with my boys, Noah, Harrison and Sawyer has come and gone so quickly it almost doesn't seem like it actually happened. Five days ago I flew to Chicago, drove two hours to Indiana, picked them up and drove another five hours to my parents' place somehow managing to keep them entertained without the help of a portable DVD player. The boys were extremely disappointed that they couldn't discuss every episode of their favorite superhero shows, but they did take some consolation in asking every twenty minutes how much farther till we made it to grandma's. Sawyer really enjoyed his snacks for the trip although he wore most of them on his face.

Eventually we did and the kids hit the ground running, fully aware that they had a three solid hours where they could re-enact most of Clock Work Orange and grandma and grandpa would delight in their every antic as, "just so cute." After imposing marshal law as a means to get them to get jammies on I turned around to see that Harrison, AKA "The Batman" was ready to answer the Bat Signal in Gotham...

It was a low-key visit. As long as a muddy creek with rocks and sticks existed along with an occasional reptile show and a little BB gun target shooting, who needs Girls Gone Wild? On day one, despite 40 degree weather, the boys just had to go outside promising not to get wet in the creek behind the house. That lasted about 3.6 seconds as each of them indicated they were "cleaning off their boots" and just "slipped," which explained why everything below their waist was soaked. The rest of the day was spent playing Uno (Noah came from 300+ points to beat me - I think he cheated), making tomahawks (see John "Talking Cloud" Lennon below) and general goofing off.

Things got real interesting as Harrison talked Grandpa into making Batman gadgets. Not quite up to speed on the DC universe Grandpa got a little frustrated as he received an explanation on a "bat-a-rang," but eventually he figured it out and Harrison was quite pleased with the outcome.

The rest of the evening passed quietly until Sawyer started yakking what seemed like a 55 gallon drum full of oranges, pizza and Doritos chips. Three changes of PJ's, four changes of sheets, and five hours later the little guy was fine. As he lay next to me in bed he blurted out, "Dad, no more chips for me!" I could only imagine how bad those were coming back up.

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