Rude Tyra, Bad Tyra: The Video

I think I said quite enough in my last post, but I wanted to post the actual video footage showing how Tyra kicked Katarzyna to the curb as if the poor girl was a pan-handling wino. Unfortunately the video is 7 minutes long with Katarzyna all the way at the end, and then the actual "blow-off" picks up right at the start of the second clip. If you don't want to watch the entire thing then let it load and then slide the cursor forward to about the 6 minute mark. However, if you'd like to see a "celeb-u-tard" in rare form then the entire clip will not disappoint (How many times did Tyra walk down the Spanish Steps? I can't hear yooooou!?).

ANTM Cycle 10, Episode 10, Part 4

ANTM Cycle 10, Episode 10, Part 5

I guess the thing that gets me is, for someone who claims they are doing "so much" for others, Tyra Banks displays all the poise and grace of an epileptic, blind elephant suffering from a fatal case of gastric distress (do a search on "Tyra in a fat suit" or "Trya being homeless." After watching those clips, you'll know where to stick your finger). Quite simply, Tyra has utterly destroyed my faith in Natural Selection.

... and one more thing. Having hooked me on her show like some type of dope dealer, Ashley's most recent attempted to push more product on me has come in the form of male figure which I had to say, "Oh HELL No!" As a man, there's a line to be drawn and that line stops short of flamboyant men flipping around in tights on the ice like sissies.

...uh, that's different.

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