On This Date In History...

...on this date in 1972, in a small corner of Northwest Pennsylvania, Ron M------- was born. Yaaaawn. No, I just wanted to say "Thanks" for all the birthday wishes. 36 is... old and eerily close to 40.

For a month now, Allie has been running up to me with the reminder, "You're 35, and then you will be 36 in X weeks... and then you'll be 40. Ewwwww! That's old."

"Gee, thanks kid, now pass me that last can of expired Ensure before I go downstairs and change my soiled Depends undergarment. By the way there, Sweetie, you skipped 37, 38, and 39. Just what are they teaching you in that school of yours? Why, back in my day, we'd walk barefoot, through the snow, up a mile-long hill and crowd into a tiny little classroom with only one computer running on dial-up! Damn you, Jimmy Carter and your peanut farmin' ways! Thank goodness for Ronald Reagan. Now there was a president you could...zzzzzzzzzzzzz"

"Mommy, what's Ron talking about?"

"Nothing, Allie. Now, we'd better slip his dentures out of his mouth before he chokes on them in his sleep again."

Last night I got a birthday flower that was decorated with the names of Noah, Harrison and Sawyer (my boys) along with Allie and Avery (her girls). It was very sweet.

After waking up and putting my dentures back in, I got home-made cards decorated with Care bears and car stickers, and then I was served breakfast (an egg, bacon and cheese sandwich run in the blender so I could drink it). Through the mourning I've received many emails and text messages as well as a blog in my honor. So far it's been a great day with more supposedly to come later... which kind of worries me. Yeah, see, I've been finding out that Ashley's even more excited about my birthday than me. Since noon yesterday she's been staring at me with these big eyes and goofy grin since. Last night, I caught her doing the same thing, only hovering over my face, three inches from my nose. At first it was cute, but honestly, I'm starting to get a little freaked out about it. That sound terrible, I know, but, well... Wait - I think I can show you what I'm talking about a little better than trying to explain it myself.

In all seriousness, Ashley's been great and I love her. She's made me feel very special even though she's baked a life-size cake that she plans to jump out of while wearing the Princess Lea bikini costume from Return of the Jedi. What a swell gal!

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