Hey All,

For those of you wondering (or not) what happened to Ashley and Ron, we’re finally ready to reveal what we’ve been working on. After several weeks of planning, strategizing and cursing, aided by gallons of Diet Coke, stacks of cigarettes and buckets of Tylenol, we are happy to announce the beginning of our venture into the freelance world.

Mattocks & Evans is a freelance writing and design company offering solutions for related business needs. A complete profile of the company is located on our website: . Here you will see our bios, services and other related information. (Just a note, we are in the process of updating our portfolio samples, so those items will in place by the end of this week.)

As friends and family, we wanted to give you a “sneak peak” of what we do – and, yes, we consider this a real job regardless of what time of day we shower. We have a real business plan, we have real working hours, and we have a real dry-erase board (not intended for Pictionary either). Oh, and we’ve actually had a couple real projects (which equates to paying real taxes at some point too).

Other than just keeping everyone up to date, we are also looking to get a little help in getting the word out to anyone you may know that would benefit from our company’s services. Forwarding the link to our site, putting in the good word, or just giving us the contact info for a possible lead is greatly appreciated (we promise not to make you look bad either). If nothing else, you at least you know we are living normal lives – sort of.

Thanks for your help and support, and we hope to hear from you. More updates to follow (and not about us getting real jobs either).

- Ron & Ashley

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