Is This What "Faith" Is?

Some of you may have heard the latest in the self-proclaimed saga that is my life, but if not I thought I'd post a letter that I wrote to our pastor at Ecclesia that pretty much out lines the events and my feelings on the matter. In the subject header I wrote, I'm pretty sure your sermon Sunday got me fired... (It's all about getting someone's attention. What pastor could resist that headline?)

The rest of the letter continues:

...well, not directly. For a long time now I've had this feeling that I haven't been moving in the direction God has meant for me. I used to think it was just my ADD because I get bored easily. Being a high-paid, successful executive at a Fortune 500 company can get pretty boring pretty quick - at least for me anyway - and so this pull to do something completely different, given the fact that I was in, what many would consider a pretty enviable position doesn't make much sense. This has been going on inside me for about 3 years now (I'm a slow learner riding the spiritual short-bus to heaven), and as time wore on I have only grown incrementally more dissatisfied with my endeavors. It's a subject that my fiancé and I discussed all the time as she has felt the same way herself, being a very talented writer and photographer, but working in the oil & gas business punching numbers into spreadsheets all day.

This past Monday night I was telling her about my day and that reoccurring feeling that I should be doing something different.

"I just don't know" I kept saying.

Placing her hand on my shoulder, she smiled, "I really thought Sunday's sermon was for you." I had to think a minute and she recognized the look (like I said I have ADD). "Abraham? ... God calling him to do all this stuff and making impossible promises, and Abraham maintaining his faith without knowing how God would come through?..."

"Right! Okay, I remember now." Then I got this really odd vibe. "I think I'm going to get fired tomorrow." Now understand there is no rhyme or reason for this to be true. The company I had been working for is pretty stable with no indication of major troubles and I'd been performing my duties without issue. The next day I walked in and was asked to go to the conference room where the president, my boss and the HR rep were all sitting there. Sure enough I was let go. I only wish my predictions worked with lottery tickets and preventing terrorist attacks.

I got home and my fiancé called. She was crying. I planned on telling her what happened after she got off work because I didn't want her to be freaked all day so when I heard her on the line I figured she'd already found out through some of our friends, I asked her what was wrong anyway.

"I just got fired today."

God has the best comedic timing of anyone I know - for us to both lose our jobs on the exact same day for no reason at all is beyond coincidence. The two of us only respond to the ridiculously, blinding, flashes of the obvious and this little incident would fit those criteria quite appropriately. The thing is we are both in debt over our eyeballs, have numerous obligations and are planning a wedding on top of it, and yet we have a peace that this is the "push" to go where we both felt we were been pulled all along. Don't get me wrong; it's still a little scary. The word "eviction" doesn't sound so bright and sunny, but somehow it's all going to work the way God meant it to from the beginning.

Honestly, I have no real idea why I'm writing this to you except maybe to provide some encouragement to you that God really does speak through you in order for His message to have a timely impact. Two of my brother-in laws are pastors and sometimes I know that they wonder if what they are teaching even makes sense let alone reaches the hearts of the congregation. Your sermon really didn't get either one of us fired, but it was there as a reminder of who God is and how He works. I've just felt the need these past few days to tell you this... usually, if I have a feeling for more than 72 hours it's not ADD, it's something I should probably act on. Encouragement is an essential element of community.

That's really it. I'm going to go back to sitting on the couch, eating my soggy cereal and watching cartoons now. Thanks

Honestly, I have no idea what's in store for us. Literally, we have no money to pay things such as cars, rent and child support. I've been stealing toilet paper from public restrooms (kidding... I have faith. TP falling from the sky like manna from heaven!). Right now Ashley and I are attempting to start a freelance commercial writing business, and think it has a good shot at working out - provided our ADD doesn't kill us first. Just pray for us and if you know of anyone you think would help to know for our business goals let us know. Otherwise, hide your TP if you know we're coming to visit you.

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