Ok, what was Ron for Halloween? uh, weeeeeellll... let's put it this way. One night my best friend Mark and I are watching monday night football while drinking beer and out of the clear blue I announce, "I know what we can be for Halloween!" Mark's eyes light up as he visualizes the pure spectical we would create. "Yeeees!" and we punch our fists together the way that macho men do when they want to punctuate moments of masculine, beer-drenched bonding. Two days later I get a call. "Hey, we got most of the stuff for our costumes. Erin's gonna start sewing stuff on tonight..."

"Huh?" seeing as I take the call in the middle of work my confussion is all the more compounded. "What are you talking about, BubbaGanoosh?"

"You know, the costumes... for Halloween. Erin won't be able to start on mine because apparently it is impossible to locate a man-size, extra large uni-tard in the 3rd largest city in the US... ya, go figure!"

A foggy memory of beer, football and fist punching floats into view and the rest, as they say, well the rest you can see for yourself....

PS - we were a hit to say the least.
PPS - yes, Mark's wife Erin hand-sewed the costumes for us and did a great job - there was no doubt that Mark and I were truely Fire n Ice (Blades of Glory)
PPPS - when my oldest, Noah asked what I was going to be for trick or treat I explained that I was going to be figure skater to which he replied, "Dad, I'm having a hard time seeing this..."

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