Getting Productive

Well, now that things have settled down a bit I'm finally getting productive again... of course I have shunned all my friends in the process. This project was my obsession for the last 3 days I had started it in Arkansas and when I got here I found three other projects I wanted to do instead but I stayed focused and disciplined which is weird, but whatever. I told myself I could do the other projects when I finished this one first and by golly I rushed, took short cuts and half-arsed my way to the finish. I may have focus and discipline but standards are out the window.

I call it - Drum roll, please.... "The Flatfoots." It's Acrylic on 30x40 canvas. It doesn't look to bad from far away - like say, Toledo. I got the idea from a photo series in a magazine layout... so I can't claim it as something that I yanked from my own tush, but I'm getting closer. Another 35 years and I think I'll have my style down and then I can work on making up my own junk. I at least was somewhat encouraged as I read my favorite painter's (Jack Ventrianno) bio and learned he was self-taught. If I can ever get close to his economy of brush-strokes and understanding of light I will be very happy indeed. I included a few of his paintings for reference.
Time for a nap.

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