By Popular Demand

Yes, I know try to contain yourselves... sorry I haven't posted in a few days as I have been full-time interviewing (which I'm not complaining about). All is going well so we will see what I end up doing. Honestly, I'm in no rush and I'm wondering why I didn't take up "slacking" earlier in my life choosing instead to be all responsible and mature. Well, I don't have the time to blog anything right now either, but I'll get back to it soon. So instead I am running re-runs of Classic Krusty until I return.... oh, we don't have those films anymore? Hmm. Ok. In that case a number of you that don't have access to my MySpace page have been asking to see some of my other paintings so, by popular demand here they are.


Valentine Wine Pastel on paper 12x16

The Succubus Acrylic on canvas 28x38

The Midnight DJ Oil on canvas 28 x 42

Sweeps Me Off My Feet Acrylic on canvas 28x36

Red Dress Ruffle Acrylic on canvas 12x16

Girl in a Brown Dress Acrylic on canvas 28x42

Blue Necklace Acrylic on canvas 12x16

The Flatfoots Acrylic on canvas 36x24

If you'd like to purchase one let me know =-) Some are already sold - Thanks

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