Houston Family Magazine: The Makings Of A Stay-at-home Dad

You may have noticed that little bar above mentioning that I blog for Houston Family Magazine. It's something I've been wanting to announce for some time, but held off until the first issue came out. After a little prompting by Melisa at Suburban Scrawl, who told me not to be such a chicken, I got in touch with Houston Family's Editor and Co-Owner, Dana Donovan about submitting a few freelance pieces from time to time. What she offered me instead, shocked the socks off of me: a direct link from the magazine's website to my blog, a chance to contribute regularly, an ad for Sugar Milk in the print version of the publication, and the chance to attend events to tout the book. Yeah, that's what I said too. I am extremely grateful to Dona and the Houston Family Magazine's staff for this generous opportunity.

The Makings of a Stay-at-home Dad

If you had asked me as a boy, what I wanted to be when I grew up, the last thing out of my mouth would’ve been stay-at-home dad. No, all my childhood aspirations were pretty much what you would expect—an elite soldier, a swashbuckling archeologist, a mysterious secret agent. At no time in my fantasies did I ever see myself fighting hordes of dirty dishes, discovering lost treasures hidden in the dryer’s lint trap or deciphering first grade math homework, and yet, here I am, thirty-some years later, a stay-at-home dad doing these very things.

You can read the rest of the article HERE or you can flip through the entire magazine HERE

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